Risk Management
& Internal Control



Operational Risk Department
Control redesign

Context & objectives

The project has been carried out within the Permanent Control & Operational Risk department of a international banking group. Our client was looking for a contingent Permanent Control Officer in order to:

Perform quarterly Permanent Control’s campaigns & improve the existing Permanent Control Plan (PCP) by liaising with internal correspondents before/ during/ after each campaign

Represent Permanent Control department in the ongoing outsourcing project concerning IT and Back-Office functions

Deal with two Internal audit recommendations on Essential Service Providers and BCP / DRP for IT outsourced activities (answer and implementation of associated the action plans)

Re-design Permanent Control’s reporting including:
- Results of Permanent Control’s campaigns
- Perm. Control’s contribution to Quarterly Risk Report
- Perm. Control’s existing data source (list of controls and mapping across bank’s critical macro-processes)


Creation of new controls, deletion or modification of irrelevant / obsolete existing controls

Formalized answers to proposed control plan on outsourced activities

Formalized answers to Internal Audit recommendations and implementation of related action plans

Enhanced mapping of controls across bank’s critical macro-processes

Standardized and automated template to create reports based on an improved excel data source


Understanding of client’s organization and of the methodology used to run a Permanent Control campaign

Analysis of client’s critical macro-processes and identification of erroneous/ incomplete mapping of controls across them

Analysis & challenging of Outsourcer’s proposed control plan

Analysis of Internal Audit report and challenging of existing weaknesses in the internal process

Client’s Benefits

Standardized & improved template to generate Permanent Control’s reports

Detailed analysis & challenging of the proposed control plan on outsourced activities

Detailed answers to Internal Audit recommendations

Contribution to internal streams requiring a PMO approach

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